Three Reasons Why Athletes Should Make Weekly Meal Plans

Three Reasons Why Athletes Should Make Weekly Meal Plans

Some people are under the impression that if you want to become an athlete then you have no option but to follow a strictly athlete weekly meal plan, consisting of a special protein shake or meal every morning. This can be very restrictive and unhealthy for most athletes. There is a much better reason than this. Why?

The reasons are varied and complex, but I am going to give you just one example to start with. Suppose you play a competitive sport such as basketball, track, and field or even tennis. The reason that most athletes don’t reach their goals is that they’re not getting the right amount of nutrition. You see, the food we eat determines how we feel during our workouts.

Overloading on carbohydrates:

Most people eat three big meals a day which leads to their bodies overloading on carbohydrates. As they work out more the extra carbohydrates they consume are turned into fat which causes the body to store more fat. So when their diets are changed to more carbohydrates, their workouts are negatively affected. This is the main reason why most athletes don’t reach their goals. They’re not getting enough carbohydrates.

How long you will be working out:

A better plan would be to make your food choices depending on how long you’ll be working out. So for example, if you’re planning on lifting weights for an hour a day, choose foods that are high in protein but low in carbohydrates. Eat several small meals a day rather than the customary three large ones. If you’re training for less than an hour per session, then you can have a variety of foods and split them up into smaller meals. Some examples would be chicken breast, low-fat cottage cheese, and whole wheat pasta.

Type of exercise they offer:

Another reason athletes should make plans is because of what type of exercise they prefer. Some types of exercises tend to burn more calories faster. For example, high-intensity aerobic exercises (such as sprinting) will leave your body in a state of extreme energy, and it will use up more calories than when you do less intense ones. As a result, you will likely gain weight over a few months. So if you eat fast food, you’ll gain fat and not muscle. If you do some resistance training, you’ll get stronger and have increased muscle mass making it harder for you to gain fat.

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