Birthday party games

Birthday party games

Who don’t want to attend party especially little kids will be very excited to attend a birthday party of another kid because they will have to play and eat without any restrictions. When there is a birthday party then obviously there will be the need of balloons in there and you can have them from the balloon shop in Sharjah. They will have different kinds of balloons which you can use for décor purpose and also you can have some of them for the playing purpose of kids. When you are having the birthday party balloons then you need to keep in your mind about the games that kids will be playing and buy balloons according to that. Here you will get to know about a few games:

Balloon tennis:

It is a game that will make your kids happy because they will be playing tennis with balloons and they can make their own rules in that. You can also make the tennis racket at home with the help of disposable pleats and ice cream sticks. Then you will give these rackets and they will play with that on their own conditions. They will enjoy this game a lot especially when you have some different colored balloons.

Dart board:

This is a game which you can play when there is an outdoor party. In this game you can have a soft board and then stick some colorful balloons with tape to the board and then give kids some darts or the dirt gun to pop the balloons from a distance. This game should be played with the assistance of some elder people because smaller kids may get hurt during this game if they are not having assistance of elder people.

Story telling:

There is a great thing to do with the kids of bigger age like form 5 to onwards. In this game you will have some balloons and write a few words on them and then ask the kids to pick one balloon each. After that they have to read the words on their balloon and then they have to make a story which includes all of those words. You need to listen to them carefully. Read the words for kids who are unable to read but can talk. Every kid should listen to the story of other kid.