Basic Facts About Document Attestation

Basic Facts About Document Attestation

Legalization is the procedure of legally certifying a document for true copy attestation in Dubai from another country to the legal authority in the requesting state to the authorities in that jurisdiction will accept it as authentic. In order to do this, you must submit certified copies of the original documents that you want certified.

In other words, Dubai south company formation is really the same as executing a facsimile or postal order for a piece of tangible paper. Once the paperwork has been executed, the copy that you submitted along with the accompanying originals is returned to the issuing authority and becomes an official record.

The documents that require attestation

While there are many types of legal documentation for various purposes, the most common ones are:

  1. legal birth certificates
  2. marriage and death certificates
  3. divorce decrees
  4. registration applications
  5. naturalization certificates and passport applications

Documents for Green Card / Passport:

There are special programs that grant special visitors “permits,” or “green cards,” for job titles and green cards. You also need to have your passport in order to apply for a special social security card that is unique to your employment. That’s why you need to carry your passport whenever you leave the country.

If you’re planning on applying for a work visa or residency card, you’ll need to have your passport and at least one of the following documents attested to your identity:

  • a photo identification card with your picture
  • original or certified copy of birth certificates
  • transcripts of records
  • any other documents that establish your identity.

For Visiting Another Country:

For foreigners who are interested in visiting in different countries, or just about anywhere else on the planet, you’ll need to get a copy of your foreign affairs visa. That means either going to the correct office to get your visa stamped or having an approved visa application emailed to you by the ministry of foreign affairs. Many people don’t realize that once a visa is approved, it becomes a permanent resident card.

If you’re planning on visiting another country, you’ll need to get two main types of documents attested to your identity. These types of attested documents are different than what you would typically get from a travel agent. When you go to a travel agency, you would get your passport, ticket, and maybe a brochure or leaflet about the country you plan to visit.